Can Move Targeted Health Programme

CanMove is an exercise and peer support course for those affected by cancer. The sessions aim to give participants an opportunity to connect with others through peer support and exercise. For more information or to register, please contact Helen or Debbie on 04 527 3380 or text 027 481 4642

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Jumpstart at the Y

Jumpstart is a 5-week programme aimed at improving health & wellbeing of people at risk of developing diabetes or have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Each week participants will attend an educational session which will cover a range of topics from understanding diabetes, reading food labels and the importance of exercise in managing your diabetes.

Nutritional advice will be run by the programme leader using Diabetes New Zealand national guidelines and local health providers will come in to speak for additional support.  Once signed up to the programme, all participants will go through a one to one consultation with a YMCA trainer to get personalised exercise programme.

The education sessions will be split with fun, friendly exercise and participants will be encouraged to join group fitness classes or work on their own exercise programme outside the sessions. To maximise success, participants will be guided on how to set realistic goals and bring whanau along to the education sessions.


Programme Coordinator: Debbie Houton-Tupou


Mobile: 022 473 2298


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