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The Y has a bold vision of building strong kids, strong families, strong communities, through investing in the next generation. Part of this is ensuring all tamariki and rangatahi in Aotearoa are physically active through play, active recreation and sport. Y Centrals’ Tākaro (play) trailers are ready for action and available to help communities activate play, and engage and inspire people of all ages to connect as a whānau.

Why Play?

Why Play?

  • Empower children through open ended play with loose parts
  • Allow a Holistic view when children are playing
  • Tamariki will be able to play an active role in their community
  • Loose play promotes relationships between family members and the community
  • Tamariki are able to feel a since of wellbeing and belonging while being out in a welcoming community based environment
  • Tamariki are able to explore using different materials
  • Thinking skills will be put to the test and developed through loose parts play
  • Rangatahi can support and boost confidence within tamariki when engaging in play
  • Supports all ages with stress and anxiety by being able to provide a relaxed environment within the community
  • Outside play allows tamariki to respect nature
  • Develop cognitive abilities
  • Supports the development of the imagination
  • Promote physical well being
  • Grows and nurtures friendships
  • Builds long lasting bonds with whānau

Play allows children to experience fun, joy and laughter in a way that is important to them. It is also where they develop and practice life skills. To this end, the Y have Tākaro trailers available for the local communities to hire in the Wellington (based in the Hutt Valley) Palmerston North & Whanganui.

Our mobile trailers are is stocked with a range of play and sports gear including bats, balls, nets, hula hoops, scooters, skateboards and drift bikes, giant games and loads of other equipment which will create hours of fun for your Tamariki.

This could be for such events as:

  • Kids Birthday parties
  • Community Events
  • School lunch times & Gala’s

Other options are available where our staff can help deliver or assist the delivery of play initiatives for your community. We urge you to contact our unique organisation to discuss how we can work together to best serve your community.

Our Tākaro trailers are proudly supported by our local Regional Sports Trusts:

Sport Manawatu  Sport Whanganui   Nuku Ora

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If you would like more information about our Tākaro Play Trailer, you can email us using the link below!


When school is out, the Y is in! The Y offers a range of recreational based kids programming available throughout the year. Our programmes create fun, safe, fun-filled environments for kids to grow in body mind and spirit. Our values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility are paramount to the delivery of our programmes.


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