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Our Sport programmes are a great community service offered by the YMCA for young people across the region. Our leagues have proved very popular with over 10,000 total participants each year and offer numerous benefits including keeping fit, improving coordination, developing skills, building teamwork and developing a healthy competitive spirit all in a fun environment. We work closely through partnerships with local sporting organisations like Capital Basketball and Capital City Volleyball to deliver a quality programmes and offer pathways for further development

At YMCA we offer a variety of sports that your child’s school can be involved in including basketball, indoor soccer, flag football and lots more.  Junior Leagues are based at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua and both the YMCA’s in Upper Hutt and Masterton which means we can offer various leagues throughout the year.

These leagues offer the perfect opportunity to challenge your kids and students and keep up their fitness in a fun and social environment.

We would like to see as many schools participating as possible, however, a degree of first come first served will need to apply as numbers are limited.


In Porirua the Y offers a variety of sports that your child’s school can be involved in…

Kiwi Volley rules: We’ll start all  grades with an elimination style of Volleyball, where teams catch and throw the ball over the net if the ball hits the ground a player is eliminated from the court. Play continues until one team has eliminated all the opponents from the opposition then they are awarded a point. We want tamariki to be successful and enjoy the sport they play, we will provide support and coaching from the umpire and as tamariki improve theirs skills we’ll add more volley rules and included sets and spikes as the group progresses.  Note Year 7-8 teams play with 6 players on the court.

Basketball/ Miniball rules: We look forward to Term 3-4’s Summer Basketball season it’s always been a popular sport. We follow the basic rules of  basketball however we have different rules for each year grade below in the table is the links for detailed versions. Note Year 1-2 and year 3-4 teams will play on smaller size courts and play with 4 players per side, coloured arm bands are worn by these age group. Most games will consist of two 10 minute halves with a one minute half time.


Porirua Junior Sports Leagues has a new tiered pricing system for schools in 2021 wanting to participate in our sports leagues. This will allow schools to choose the price that works best for them. Traditionally, we have only offered a subsidised rate to ensure access for as many young people and whanau as possible. This rate does not ultimately cover all the Y’s costs and thus we have supported this with community funding and support of the Y’s other programmes. In 2021 through a new partnership with Sport Wellington and Sport NZ’s Tu Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund we will continue to offer this heavily subsidised rate and now include other options for your consideration that meet the need of your community so no tamariki miss out due to cost.

Click here for more info on our tiered pricing.

Monday:KiwiVolley  Tuesday and Wednesday:


Venue: Te Rauparaha Arena

Registration closes: Tuesday 31st August

Game dates: 6th September –7th December

Monday: Year grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6,  7-8

Games start at 3:30pm

Year 7-8 teams play with 6 players on the court*

Venue: Te Rauparaha Arena

Registration closes: Tuesday 31st August

Tuesday: Year grade 1-2 & Year 5-6

Wednesday:  Year grade 3-4 & 7-8

Game dates: 7th September – 8th December

Games start at 3:30pm

KiwiVolley Basketball

Please note: All games need to start at 3:30pm so that can finish all games by 6pm.

Team registration
Monday Kiwivolley
Basketball Tuesday Year 1-2 and Year 5-6 Term 3-4
Basketball Wednesday Year 3-4 and Year 7-8 Term 3-4
Monday Floorball Year 1-2
Monday Floorball Year 3-4
Monday Floorball Year 5-6
Monday Floorball Year 7-8
Tuesday Futsal Year 1-2
Tuesday Futsal Year 5-6
Wednesday Futsal Year 3-4
Wednesday Futsal Year 7-8
CONTACT US: Sarah Whaanga, Sports Coordinator  022 513 9043

If you would like to contact us about any of our Porirua Sports Programmes, click on the link below to send us an email.

Contact >


The Y in Masterton is fast becoming the home of basketball in the Wairarapa with both kids social and whanau leagues, training programmes and other basketball services. In 2020 we are offering futsal, volleyball and a number of other initiatives to get active at the Y

Social Touch
This year the YMCA will be running the social touch league in the Wairarapa. Excited to get the communities energy alive and to support a healthy body and mind.

Check out the details below and gather friends, family and work colleagues together to form a team for this summers touch league.

League Information

Start Date: 20th Oct – 1st Dec

Cost: $180

Game Duration: 36min games, 18min halves

League Duration: 7 weeks

Grade available: Mixed Social Mixed Open Mens, Open Mens, Open Mixed, Open Womens*

Depending on registrations will determine which grades will run and our prizes.

For any queries please contact us on 06 3775499 or

Register Here

Kiwi Hoops
Kiwi Hoops Poster Here

After school basketball for ages 5-13

Delivered by Wairarapa’s development officer & former NBL player Jackson Stubbins and the Y’s very own Nicole James here @ the home of basketball the YMCA Masterton


October 27 – December 1st 2021

5-7 years 3.45 – 4.15pm

8-10 years 4.15 – 4.55pm

10yrs + (Development sessions) 5.00 – 5.55

$30 per child

Contact us on:

06 3775499 or

Online registration link:

Our website for all draws etc is:

YMCA – Home (

Kiwi volley
Kiwi volley Poster Click Here

Here at the Y we are running a Kiwi-Volleyball programme for years 3 and 4 in term 4.

The opportunity has arisen for our children to be on the programme not only through the school but we’re opening it up to the parents to sign the child up individually.

Start Date: 1st Nov – 29th Nov
Session days/ Times: Mondays, 3.45- 4.30pm
Duration: 5 weeks
Cost: $40 per team or $25 individually

This programme will introduce the fundamentals of volleyball, run through simple, engaging drills to improve their skills. We will spend most the session incorporating the skills in a fun game that’s been adjusted to keep everyone engaged.

More Info Here

For any queries please contact us on 06 3775499 or

Register Here

Whanau Volley
Whanau Volley Rules

Venue: Masterton YMCA Gymnasium

Cost: $200

8 week league

40 minutes games/ 20 min halves – running clock

Thursday 21st Oct- 9th Dec

6pm onwards

We will be running a semi-finals followed by a finals in the last 2 weeks, with that in mind we will ensure everyone will still have a game throughout the last 2 weeks.

Remember teams must provide their own referee for their game.

Rules and regulations are found under the Whanau Volley registration in the column to the right.

Register Here

More info here or contact us on 06 3775499 or

Intermediate Volley
Intermediate Volley League Poster click here 

Here at the Y, we are bringing the game of Volleyball to the community by starting an intermediate Volleyball league for our year 5/6’s and our year 7/8s!

This will allow our students to embrace the sport of volleyball and increase their knowledge and skills throughout the 5 week league.

Start Date: 1st Nov
Duration: 5 weeks
Cost: Tiered Pricing
Game Duration: 30mins 15min/halves
Rules will follow once registered.

Please contact your school or our centre to enter your child and/or a team.

For more info or to register email Lisa:

Kiwi Volley Registration
Whanau Volley Registration
Draws & Results
Contact Y Masterton>


All the equipment, belts Umpires are provided, just turn up with a team of 10 players and learn as your tamariki play.

The game is played for 2 x 10 minute halves, 2 teams alternate roles of Kīoma and Taniwha at half time. 8 players per side take the field.

Basic rules:

Kīoma score by touching Pou/s with the Kī (for potential points) then running the Kī through Te Roto and placing it down in Pawero to convert pou touches into points. Kīoma stop the other team, Taniwha.

Taniwha score by hitting the Tupu with the Kī. Kīoma will have Kaitiaki (guardians) around the Tupu to stop Taniwha from hitting the Tupu. Depending on which variation is being played, Taniwha must stop Kīoma from scoring by ripping the tag.

Kī-o-rahi Thursday afternoon’s
Venue: Davis Field, Upper Hutt

Start date: Thursday 28 October 2021

Finish date: 2 December 2021

Grades: Year 3-4, Year 5-6, Year 7-8

Game times for the whole league is sent once the registration closes, game start times will depend on the amount of teams but likely to be 3:45pm.

Team Registration
Thursday Kī-o-rahi registration
CONTACT US: Sarah Whaanga, Sports Coordinator  022 513 9043

If you would like to contact us about any of our Upper Hutt Sports Programmes, click on the link below to send us an email.

Contact Y Upper Hutt >


When school is out, the Y is in! The Y offers a range of recreational based kids programming available throughout the year. Our programmes create fun, safe, fun-filled environments for kids to grow in body mind and spirit. Our values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility are paramount to the delivery of our programmes.


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